Scout game rule changes – 2016

Sep 02

Scout level games are to be played with regular NFHS rules with the following modifications:

  1. NO Kick-offs (After a score the ball is placed on the 20 yard line). They can Punt the ball.
  2. Fumbles and interceptions are LIVE
  3. Game can end in a tie. (No tie breaker procedure)
  4. 8 Minute quarters
  5. 2 coaches (Max) from each team on the field during the play
  6. Enforce the 25 second play clock
  7. Half time is 8 minutes plus 3 minutes (other levels are 10 + 3)
  8. Jersey numbers do not matter
  9. Stunting and blitzing are prohibited (ā€œDā€ linemen and Linebackers separation off the line of scrimmage)
  10. All levels ā€“ GAME CARDS ARE REQUIRED
  11. Game Reports ā€“ Send them to Dave C. and Dave J. Must receive game reports by Sunday 7pm.