Scout football rule changes

Oct 15

The EBYFC has changed some rules for the scout level for the remainder of the season. Below is a summary of the rule changes from Dave Jurkiewicz:

- No special teams
- 8 minute quarters; no possession count
  – 2 coaches on field (offense and defense)
- No stunts (blitzing)
- Infraction of the “no stunt” rule for head coach would be 5 yard penalty
  – If a coach continues to stunt a 15 yard penalty shall be called on the sideline
- Captains to be called to the 50 yard line for coin toss prior to the came
- Game to start on the 20 yard line
  – First downs in effect
  – If offense doesn’t move the ball 10 yards within 4 downs the ball is turned over and replaced on the 20 yard for opposing team to take possession (Stay at the same 20 yard line and switch at the end of 4 downs) At the end of the quarter switch sides of field and play toward the opposite end zone.
- 3 timeouts per half