President’s Message

May 15

CCFOA Members:

I hope everyone is having a great off-season, whether that be spending quality time with your families, relaxing, or pursuing activities you enjoy! The 2016 football season is just around the corner.

We plan to continue CCFOA programs which we feel contribute to making our officials some of the best in the area, both in terms of on the field performance, and off the field preparation.

Below is a summary update of the programs that were recurring or implemented in the past couple of years and which we will continue with for this upcoming season:

1) Study sessions have been a growing success over the years. The sessions are being scheduled will be hosted at two different sites. We will be posting the dates and locations for the study sessions to the website soon. These sessions will be broken up into General Rules, Mechanics and Recent Rule Changes.

These sessions are a great way to get your head back into football and help make you a better official through quality discussions. Rule books and Case Books will be made available at these sessions for all officials who have paid their dues.

2) We are continuing our Mentor Program. Overall the program was a great success and allowed newer officials to work one on one with an experienced official throughout the course of the season for training and guidance. The board will be reviewing potential candidates for mentees. If anyone wishes to volunteer to be a mentee please let the Board know and we will try to include you.

3) The Board has adopted HUDL as an on-going program. HUDL is a video sharing program which allows the schools we service to share their game films with us weekly. Games that have been shared are then released to the association so that everyone can watch and learn from. The Board and Assigning Secretary are working to remedy this issue for the upcoming season. Viewing game films (either your own or another officials game) is a solid way to learn and improve as an official. Second, we will be using the games films to develop recurring training videos with comments so that we can maintain consistency throughout our association.

4) The observer program will be continued in 2016, as well. Observers were chosen based on experience and a willingness to pass on the knowledge they gained over the years. The feedback from observers is intended to make everyone a better official and we are looking to see this program grow.

Along with this newsletter is your rating from the 2015 season. These ratings were compiled by your peers through the Arbiter during the previous season. Credit is given to Dave Cutaia and Bert Michalczyk for auditing the ratings, which in turn was reviewed and approved by the Board. This year there were no adjustments made to the tabulations.

Each member was placed in one of five following categories: 1. Championship Playoff, 2. Playoff, 3. Varsity, 4. Certified, and 5. Probationary.

The ratings are based on all areas of work: appearance, knowledge, mechanics, attitude, and teamwork just to mention a few. Your ratings are reflective of how the crew you worked with views you. If you disagree with your rating the first thing to do is to look at yourself to see where you can improve. Improvement can be made by studying the rules more as well as perfecting your mechanics. If you improve in those two areas you will see your ratings slowly rise. If you are still unsure of how to improve your ratings then talk to experienced officials who can give you constructive criticism to help make you a better official. Remember, we are all in this together. Everyone should be willing to help one another to improve.

We are always looking for a few new officials, and you can help.  As with last season, members who recruit new officials will be rewarded with a $ 25.00 “Finder’s Fee” for each new official recruited. In order to qualify for the Finder’s Fee the new official must remain for an entire season. If you know of a potential prospect, please put them in contact with the Board or refer the prospect to the CCFOA web site.  You can help CCFOA get stronger by helping to recruit new officials.

Once again, CCFOA will be offering intensive training for new officials to get them on the field, RUNNING.  Check the web site for the 2016 schedule for New Official intensive training.  Contact Steve Olsen with any questions at


The Board has decided that we are making the wide striped shirts mandatory for the 2016 season. Please refer to,, or your normal official’s supply shop to purchase uniform updates for the upcoming season.


Membership Dues for the upcoming season are set at $ 100 and NASO insurance will be $79. NASO is required by all, unless you are also a basketball or baseball official. If you are already a NASO member, only your membership dues are required. Membership dues will rise to $150 on August 1st so the sooner you register the better.

Payment can either be made on the website thru PayPal (preferred method) or by check made payable to the CCFOA and mailed to:

Scott Dunagan
303 Zagora Dr.
Danville, CA 94506

As a reminder, the All-Day clinic is scheduled for August 14th. The Sunday night meeting dates are posted on the website As in the past, all these meetings will be held at Walnut Creek Intermediate School, 2425 Walnut Blvd., Walnut Creek.

Enjoy the remainder of your offseason.

Steve Olsen
President, CCFOA