Pregame and Mechanics Guides

Sep 28

Pregame and mechanics guides for 2, 3, 4 and 5 official mechanics are posted on the “Documents” page of the website.

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Assignor Bulletin 9/22/12

Sep 22

YOUTH FOOTBALL OVERTIME & OTHER RULES: DVYFC: No DVYFC game shall end in a tie. The following procedure will be used to break all ties. A. Each team will receive 1 time out per overtime period. An overtime period is made up of 3 overtime sessions. Time outs from regulation will be carried over; also time outs from overtime periods are carried over. B. Each...

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Assignor Bulletin 9/12/12

Sep 12

Tinted Eye Wear: There is NO PROHIBITION that prevents a player from wearing tinted glasses, The only prohibition is tinted eye shields.

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Assignor Bulletin 9/2/12

Sep 02

1 – Soft helmet Covers – There is a piece of equipment called a soft helmet cover. It is completely made of slow recovery padding and fits over a helmet. The Federation has stated the equipment is not illegal. So, if you see it, make sure it is soft, etc. If it is they can wear it. 2 – Mercy Rule: The following is the link to the NCS Sports General...

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